Video Call From Santa - If you Can't Come To Us


Interactive Video Call From Santa

Using Face Time, your children can receive a live interactive video conference call from Santa - direct from Santa's Workshop.  With some advanced information from Santa's elves, Santa's call with your children will be nothing short of amazing.

Santa knows if they have been naughty or nice

Everyone knows that Santa knows everything and he will talk to your children about all of the exciting things, activities, accomplishments and people in their lives.  He can let them know if they are on the naughty or nice list. He will compliment them on getting good grades, acknowledge their musical or sports talents, and also help your children make improvements - if improvements are needed.

Santa's call will make believers

Santa's call will make believers of everyone who participates in the video call. Feel free to take pictures or shoot video of the conference call with your children and create a memory that you can enjoy and cherish for years to come. If you have more than one child, we will do our best so that multiple children's visits will be one after the other.  Appointments will be made on a first come - first served basis and as close to the requested day and time as possible.  A confirming email will be sent the day before the video call.

Our elves need your help

Send Santa a separate email about each child telling Santa the things that he should know about them.  Please include their name, nick name, age, brothers' and sisters' names and ages.Tell us what city and state and time zone that you are in.  (All calls will be originating from Eastern Standard Time). Please also provide us with pets' names, teachers and school name, a favorite toy that they received last year and what they want for Christmas this year.  Provide us with as much other information as you can such as special interests, clubs and organizations that they belong to and special accomplishments.  Let us also know if they have and do their chores and do their homework etc.  The more information the better.  We will pick out and use what we can. 

See child Intel For Santa for a form that you can copy, fill out and send back to us.

Your video call is very affordable

Each child's live interactive video conference call from Santa is just $20 for up to 10 minutes. Again, multiple children will have their oppurtunity 10 minutes back to back with the other children in your group.

How do I make arrangements

Please provide us with the name of the child and the day and time that you would prefer along with information that we will need to place the Face Time Call. We will also need a contact person, cell phone number and back up person and their cell phone number. We will call you to confirm the day and time and that we have received the Child's Intel For Santa Information.  We will take your credit card information at that time.  

( See Bottom of Child's Intel For Santa Form )