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It is an interactive experience unlike any other !!

Santa's Workshop occupies a 6,000 square feet office warehouse in St. Lucie West, near First Data Field - winter home the New York Mets.   


At Santa's Workshop, you are invited to take as many pictures of your children, family members and friends as you would like through out the Experience.  Our elves can also take pictures of your family using your camera or smart. phone. 


Santa and Mrs Claus invite you to a Unique Christmas Experience

This is a VIP tour of Santa's Workshop where the magic of Christmas comes alive.   Be transported to the North Pole,

Meet Santa, Mrs. Claus and their elves.

See Santa's Sleigh. It may even snow.

Spend some time with Santa. No one will push you through.

Your family can take a tour and end up with Santa

At the end of your tour, your children will be able to interact with Santa in his living room - without anyone rushing you through. Santa's message is to share the love, kindness and compassion in your heart with everyone you meet and to "Believe In The Magic".

    A highlight of everyone's visit is to ring in Christmas with Santa. You can even arrange to have your family's visit video taped and available for you to take home on DVD.  

( Please order the video in advance of your visit.)

About Us


One of Santa's Sleighs

Originally built in 1885, Santa's Sleigh Shop restored it 5 years ago.


Gifts were originally made of wood

    Santa was a wood worker and metal and plastic did not exist 1741 years ago, so most of the gifts in the early days were made out of wood.  This gliding horse was hand carved by Elf Dudley. Other early gifts were handmade - such as candles and clothing.


The elves start from scratch

    The elves start from an idea or a picture along with several pieces of wood and the next thing you know, with the help from a fully equipped wood working shop, they created an entire train.  Toys like this have withstood the test of time lasting for 50 years or more. Some of these trains, front end loaders, tanks and cars are available by special order from Santa's Workshop Experience.

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One of Santa's favorites

    One of Santa's favorites is this helicopter made out of 4 different kinds of wood.


How about a train ride on Santa's backyard train

    If you are on your best behavior while going thru Santa's Workshop Experience, the elves may give you a chance to ride on Santa's backyard train.  Santa's father built this train for Santa, so you might say Santa's father was also in the toy business.  The train operates using a 6 volt marine battery and a 6 volt Ford starter motor.


It may even snow.

    One of the highlights of the tour is when it snows.  Everyone, even the adults, enjoy trying to catch the snowflakes. You never know what's right around the corner.  It may be a snowball battle with the elves. 

About Us


Who doesn't love a great train lay out

    In their spare time, the elves take great pride in working on their minature village. This original layout at Santa's Workshop Experience was built by the older elves and is a smaller version of the one at the North Pole. It has a LGB G scale train. The village is set up with 166 Lemax and Dept 56 buildings. 12 horse pulled sleighs and more than 330 trees, people and animals.


Even parents and senior citizens love it

    A number of adults, including senior citizens, have told us they like this the best.  They have told us that every time they come through, they see something different.  They could look at it for hours.  

    Our younger elves decided they wanted to build a minature village for themselves, so in 2018 they began working on their own village. They have doubled the number of buildings in the original village and hope to have it finished by this Christmas.  Come see both and tell us which one you like the best.


Ian loves trains

    The children, of course, love the trains and the minature village, and enjoy going though the exhibit again and again.  Ian and others have made it part of their Christmas Family Traditions and have come every year for 5 years now.